Stress caused by endometriosis

by Kate
(Bonaire, GA)

When I first got married I was 20 and shortly after I was having horrible pain on my left side one night. It was so terrible my husband took me to the hospital.

That is when they told me something had come back on my ultrasound but they couldn't tell me any more. After 9 long hours I went home.

Well I just pushed it aside as everything got worse. I had pain all month long and I couldn't work out or lift anything. Well since January I had to get it taken care of. For the longest time I was scared it was cancer being that my father is a cancer survivor.

I had just got my new insurance and made an appt with a specialist. The lady had no clue how to do her job. She was horrible so I went to my family doctor who then sent me to a surgeon.

He then sent me to a get a cat scan as he thought it was a hernia. Well everything came back clear. Finally I went to see a new obgyn and he told me that he believed I had endometriosis, i was comletply shocked!

My biggest worry was I couldn't have kids as my husband and I want kids later on. I now have a laparoscopy schedule later this month, and now I have to look into ivf treaments if it is much worse than thought.

i just can't take it anymore because the thought I could never have children is killing me and I am almost to the point where I wont go through anything.

The reason my husband and I have not tried to have kids is because I am too busy putting my self through school. This has made my symptoms so much worse because of the stress I deal with. Having to work to put my self through school then busting my ass through school.

And now the fact that I might not have kids just seems to make everything pointless to me and I just can't except that or cope with it...

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Have faith
by: Melinda

Reading your story brought back so many memories. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 17, I'm now 45. I too was told I could not conceive and even though I was 17 at the time I mourned for the baby I might not have. I had three laparoscopies, the last one right before I started fertility treatments.

I'm happy to tell you that I had a daughter who is now 15. They say not to stress, but from someone who understands it is very hard. I could only have one as I tried fertility treatments again but that is ok.

I recommend you ask your doctor if you could take the pill full time (no periods) and once you are ready to try go off the pill and if possible go in for a laparoscopy to clean you out. I hope this information helps you, and good luck in school!

Coping with the possibility of not having children
by: Carolina

Do not give up! Think about your child to uplift yourself and be well and strong rather than feeling devastated. Imagine how much your son needs you to be strong and go on fighting. Imagine his/her soul in the universe waiting to come into this world and feel strong and capable to overcome this!

I am too working and studying and being diagnosed with endometriosis makes it harder but all my hard work must be for something good.

Also, you can adopt. I am adopted. It is an act of immense love adopting a child, so do not give up! Be strong and feel full of love for yourself and your child. I tell myself this to keep me calm and strong to continue with my life. Wish you the best!

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