Endometriosis story

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Still searching for diagnosis

by Kate
(Brasilia, Brazil)

My symptoms began with a very painful sexual experience. My husband and I had to stop having sex and the pain was so bad I felt like I might pass out but I had such intense rectal pain when I sat down that I had to lie down.

Thankfully this has only happened a few times because we are much more careful and avoid positions that we know cause pain. Unfortunately, just a few days ago yet another sexual position was ruled out by new pain.

I have light pain during ovulation its almost more of an awareness. For example in pilates class, during urination or getting in and out of the car I feel pelvic pain.

My periods have become super heavy, bleeding through tampons and clothing onto the bed sheets at night. This has happened the last two months but never before, let's see what this month holds for me.

My cramps and pelvic pain begin almost a whole week before my period. I feel like I spend half of the month with symptoms from endometriosis.
Currently I feel pain in my clitoris when I urinate but it is only on the right side.

I know this sounds strange. How can I tell, right because it is such a small organ, but I can tell. The pain radiates on the right side of my body too.

Everything for me is on the right side of my body except for rectal pain. Pelvic pain, clitoral pain are both on the right side.

I have seen 2 gynes that said it was probably endometriosis and have found a small mass in my pelvis upon physical exam that is very painful to touch but MRI and trans-vaginal ultrasound have shown nothing.

I was even referred to a proctologist who is now sending me back to another gynecologist and for another trans-vaginal ultrasound.

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