Still fighting!!

by Ruth

Hi. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis at 38. Apparently i had had it for a very long time. I know this to be true, but didn't know a name for it until under laparoscopy I was diagnosed with this horrid & destructive disease.

I had surgery to remove cysts from both ovaries. Both cysts the size of footballs. 6 months later a cyst returned on my right ovary already the size of a grapefruit. That was nearly 2 years ago.

I saw a specialist who advised 2 stage surgery with prostaglandins, bowel & bladder work was mentioned, possibility of a stoma bag & stent to kidneys. And above all else no cure.

Well i thought what the heck is the point of going through all that? For nothing? I started avidly reseaching as much as i could. Even reading specialists talking to specialists about the disease.

I decided after my appointment that I would start the endo diet on this site. After all what do I have to lose? I had had 3 major floor collaspes as i call them, my system completely shuts down because the pain is intense. I pass out, and then awake with my limbs all moving & twitching. It is very frightening.

I always am surprised to find myself alive after each one. I have now been on the endo diet for a year and a half. I noticed a huge difference after 6 mths when I cut the wheat & gluten out.

I then tested the theory by eating a wheat sandwich. The effect was immediate, huge bloating in the pelvic area & constant bowel movements the next day! Felt like I had been poisoned actually.

I am still carrying on with my fight against this disease. I have over the last 3 years managed to loose my weight, I am now 8 stone lighter and 10 dress sizes smaller. I shall fight & fight & fight. This is the only thing i can do to help myself.

I haven't seen anyone about my cyst or my disease for a long time now. I know I am taking my chances, but I shall trust in myself first & do everything I can to fight this. At least I know that I will have done what I can.

I not saying it is easy, because it so incredibly hard living with this disease day in & out. The pain, well personally for me.

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