Endometriosis story

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Stage IV Endometriosis - IVF worked!

by Kelly Sunshine

Tried to conceive for a year before seeing a specialist. Gyn of course kept telling me my pain was normal and tried to give b/control my whole life.

Then told it takes everyone a different amount of time to get pregnant. So I switch gyns and get a referral to see a specialist. First appointment he did an internal said he could FEEL the endometriosis. I couldn't believe it!

Told could go to IVF or do a laparoscopy and try IUI's/IVF. I did the laparoscopy(specialist did it) and it made me feel great. The pain was gone and periods were so much better.

The surgery was 2 hours long. After the laparoscopy I did an IUI, got pregnant right away but sadly it was an ectopic pregnancy which I had methotrexate shots to end. It was a long, horrible, depressing time.

After a couple months I did 2 more IUIs that didn't work. I finally went on to do IVF. My first IVF cycle I implanted 2 and got one beautiful baby girl. After 2 year of trying I was finally pregnant!

I don't think I moved except for getting to and from work b/c so scared something would go wrong. My baby is turning a year soon and I am so thankful for her and my wonderful doctor that brought her to me.

I was so scared of IVF and had a phobia of needles but I DID IT and every second was worth it. I am now thinking of trying naturally for #2 for a while before thinking about going back to specialist.

I wish you ladies all the luck in world and pray you get your happy ending! If anyone is in the Philly area RMA is the best!

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