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Stage 4 endometriosis trying 5 years to get pregnant

by Melanie
(Montreal, Quebec)

I was told to have laparoscopy surgery and we thought yes that will help me solve the problem. Endometriosis came back 6 months later so we were referred to an ivf specialist.

The wait was long so the endometriosis and cysts were coming back. I finally got my shot and we collected 3 eggs. They all fertilized but only one blasto was transferred, none frozen.

I was pregnant but my hcg levels were not climbing and I miscarried 3 weeks later. Round 2, we were put on maximum dose and shots gonal f, luveris suprefact, ouff it was hard, but got 18 follicles.

The pain was so bad the day of the collection that they had to stop, they could only collect 5 eggs. Only 3 were mature and only 2 fertilized.

3 days after they transfered only one again. After lower back pain and period like cramps. I got my period the day before my beta blood test and I'm in a lot of pain.

I'm so fed up I have one more shot but before I try again I want answers ..!!!! Fix me up, do what it takes. I want to get pregnant and have a baby is there hope for me.


Name: Kathryn

Title: Irony

Melanie, reading your comments is like reading my own struggles with IVF. My symptoms with endometriosis after IVF have escalated to such a degree that I had to leave part time work as this was all I could manage at the time.

Now I have no career, no child and a questionable future ahead with extreme pain. The reality is that even if we do get pregnant, the chances of a miscarriage are high as you have already experienced. I now face pressure from family to "have another go" at IVF, my doctor tells me that any further IVF will catapult my pain to another level.

Can I live with another level of extreme pain? Probably not, so my desire to have a child with the need for pain control has sadly been relegated to the latter.

Even if I was fortunate enough to bring a child into this world the thought of the ensuing pain and the impact the stress would have on myself and those around me is too overwhelming and unfair.

I now just wish for my pain to revert back to a level pre IVF. All the best and good luck with your journey.

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