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Stabbing pain symptoms in lower abdomen

by April
(Paxico KS)

I have severe stabbing sensations in lower abdomen due to endometriosis.

I don't remember ever having problems with cramps during my periods, since I was always on some form of bcp. I had 2 planned kids perfectly normal with no complications except for my son was stillborn.

The father left me after that thinking it was my fault. I found and married my current husband and we got pregnant soon. I ended up having severe complications with that one and had a preemie at 23 weeks. Dakota lived for 5 months before we lost him.

I was placed on an IUD because I couldn't bare to get my tubes tied, but I was not looking to get pregnant any time soon. After about 4 yrs we decided to get it removed because I didn't like the side effects and the weight gain.

Within 4 months we were pregnant with our daughter
Kayce. Pregnancy was normal until the last 33 weeks, they said she has iud and needed to be removed by emergency c-section like Dakota had been.

Everything was fine, she came home and is now almost 5 yrs old. About 3 weeks after having her I went in for a follow up. My doctor did a pelvic exam and told me that my uterus was still very enlarged and that I had to have a hysterectomy because I bad adenomyosis.

I had that done in 2007 and they let me keep both ovaries as i was only 27 at the time and didn't want to be put on hormone pills. I also showed him a lump that I could feel only when standing by my c-section scars. He told me it was scar tissue and nothing could be done about it.

Another year goes by and I'm having severe aches on my right side and it followed like a cycle. My doctor said I had a cyst on my left ovary and it needed to be removed. I was pain free for about a month before it came back but much worse than before.

Now it was like a sharp stabbing sensation in my lower right pelvic area where that lump was. I again tried talking to my doctor but stated nothing he could do about scar tissue. For another 2 years I looked for different doctors and even made trips to the ER when the agony was so severe, and thinking a fresh set of eyes on it would show something.

They all said scar tissue. I went to a general surgeon hoping they would do the surgery. They agreed and I was scheduled for surgery the next day. After surgery the doctor talked to my husband and said they removed a mass about the size of a golf ball from inside my abdominal wall in the fatty tissue. He figured it was transferred there from my c-section.

After that surgery I had the best 6 months of my life. I ran with the kids. Cleaned the house and experienced sex with my husband that didn't hurt. But the pain came back again but worse than before.

Now I constantly have a sharp burning sensation on my right side. If I touch it I have no sensations on the surface but when I stop touching it there is a huge amount of pain under the skin.

They did a laparoscopy and found out that adhesions were wrapped around my intestines sealing them off. They cut them but it did not do anything to relieve my symptoms. There are times the pain is so bad I dread getting up for work but have no choice.

On my rare days off I'm usually in bed all day because I don't have the energy to do anything else. I have another appointment with a new doctor but am scared they wont listen or think that its all about the pain pills, which its not because there are numerous times I get the scripts but never fill them.

I want a doctor to believe me and treat me. I hate having this agony everyday. How do I get them to listen to me?


Title: Same symptoms

Name: Anonymous

I have gone through the same things as you have. My pain symptoms first started about a year after my c-section. My doctor removed my uterus last spring and also left my ovaries because of my age. My symptoms stopped for about 40 days and then began again.

He found a mass of endometriosis in another area and removed that, but now I have pain in a different location. I have take three Lupron shots to shut down my ovaries. The symptoms stopped for about 45 days, but now are back. My doctor is baffled.

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