Endometriosis story

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Some coping mechanisms that may help others

by Dot

I have now been diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis. Here are some of the things I find helpful to do, although I appreciate they may not work for everyone.

1. Whenever I have problems with slow urination or painful urination, I lie in a bathtub filled with warm water, no soap or detergent and I pull the plug out and pee while the water is draining away from me. The temperature and change of body position help to get the bladder emptied fully so avoiding cystitis etc.

2. Squatting on the toilet in order to pass a bowel motion. The chronic constipation, black tarry stools and just the pain can be significantly improved by squatting, not sitting on the toilet. Again, the reason this works is due to the change of body position which helps when your internal organs are out of their proper alignment.

3. Using a beanbag or two in your bed so you can sleep in whatever position you find comfortable. I cannot sleep flat on my back or on my stomach and pillows shift around and slide too much.

4. Putting yourself in the recovery position on the floor if you really feel that you are going to faint from the pain.

5. Vomiting is physically easier for me when I am on all fours on the floor and can bend my head down into a bucket. Again, this is to do with body positioning and if you also feel faint at the same time as vomiting, you are already near the floor if you do pass out.

6. Always keep a hospital letter or doctor's note in your handbag in case other people have to get medical attention for you and need to know some details quickly.

7. Using shapewear or corsetry over my bloated tummy that looks pregnant not only helps me to look slimmer but the constriction actually feels more comfortable than having that constant, tugging, dragging sensation in my insides and the backache! I am careful and do not use a corset every day, just when I feel that I need the support.

8. I go up stairs and up hills sideways and push heavy shopping in trolleys rather than carrying bags. These strategies avoid triggering pains.

9. Avoid exercise! Pilates pulled on my insides before I knew I had endometriosis. Vigorous swimming felt as if it was stretching things uncomfortably. When there is pain, there is no gain to you.

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