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So many questions about symptoms

by Anonymous

I went to the gyno last summer for a regular pap and they found cin3 dysplasia and I had a follow up colposcopy.

In September I had a leep done and the surgeon took a quarter size biopsy. The tests came back still cin3. The surgeon said she took 95% of the irregular cells and she thinks the rest would clear up on its own.

I started gardisil shots but ever since September I have had terrible random cramping during or after being intimate.

I also have cramping throughout the day when I'm not menstruating. I have also had a combination
Bacterial and yeast infection now after every period. I've have never had these until
last summer.

I went back in January to the doctor because of the pain during sex and random cramping. She examined me and explained that there is scar tissue from the leep right at the opening of my uterus.

This was causing pain symptoms from my boyfriend hitting it, and my period cramping was worse because the scar tissue was tightening and making it harder for the blood to shed. I was prescribed pills that induce labour so my uterus could relax my next period.

It has been a month since that appointment and my last period was with no medicine and I hardly bled. Just a little bleeding after urinating. My cramps were worse than ever.

A few days after all signs of my period passed my boyfriend and I were being intimate. We tried but there was blood everywhere. But the bacterial infection is back worse than ever.

I have had hip pain the last few weeks and it constantly feels like I'm having growing pains from my hips to my knees, as well as more random cramping symptoms.

The doctor will not see me for a return pap and colposcopy until next month. I've bought all new
cotton underwear, started showering more, eating more healthy and I'm just in constant discomfort and I feel that ever since I had the leep all of these problems stated.

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