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Should I return to specialist

by Jane
(Wellington NZ)

Have seen two specialists and now concerned.

About a year ago, my doctor found a cyst (6.5cm) on my left ovary which I had removed. At the same time I also had an ablation done due to heavy periods.

Even after the operation the symptoms stayed and my specialist was not very helpful and didn't understand why I was still in so much agony.

I thought being a woman she would understand. 9 months later I went to another specialist who was able to tell me that the pictures I had taken with the operation showed I had endometriosis and wasn't sure why the first one couldn't see it.

I still have bad cramps but it is not in my pelvis but in my side towards the back. Is this normal?

I dont know whether to go back to my specialist or not. Growing up I have never had period pains and only it started getting heavy in my early 40's

Any advise would be appreciated Thanks


Name: Aylin - Beijing ,China

Title: Re: Should I return to specialist?


You probably met a non experienced doctor for Endometriosis. In my case was happened the same, they said I have not any endometriosis, in my country, but when I had surgery in China, they found it almost anywhere like intestines and around other organs...

I didn't understood well if you have or not have your ovary now, if they take it out, it is another mistake this, they should cut off only endo cyst from the ovary, not to take the ovary out.

About your heavy periods, ablation of endometrum is not a good solution also. After any intervention there remain signs intern, there are cutting some nerves also , etc.. In the uterine wall are some muscles and nervs also.

There are many medicines in China that make the period come normal and the blood be red, not dark with clots, because this is normal to be, red and fine.

I am also with endometriosis and using Chinese medicines, I haven't pains at all, just at ovulation is still bad, but I am working on this to see what can I do for it.

I suggest you find some ways to buy some chinese medicines, like this one :
http://helpofchinesemedicine.com/shop/ankun-zanyu-wan-p-82.html. Is called Ankun Zanyu Wan. I take it since 3 years, 4 box per month from day 5 to day 25 of the menstrual cycle. (The day when your period come is day 1.

Then take the medicines from day 5 till day 25) and another one is from US that also helped me having not any cyst , it is called Endovan (www.endovan.com)
Wish you all the best !

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