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second surgery for endometriosis

by Leanne

Considering having a partial hysterectomy because of endometriosis

I've been dealing with endometriosis since I was 16 and I was diagnosed at 20 with the disease. I am now 32 and 2 kids later still having mild/severe issues.

I'm having a laparoscopic excision of endometriosis next week, but considering a partial hysterectomy to actually have some relief. I have tried lupron shots for 6 months (awful), had a pre-sacral neurectomy in 06 (severed the nerve to my uterus), and have had issues with ovarian cyst and cervical cyst since then.

It's got to the point now where I have such pelvic pain and pressure it's becoming too much especially at night. I have to sleep with a heating pad, and sex forget it.

I'm done having kids, so I just don't know what my best option is as far as surgery is concerned. I should have talked to my doctor about this last week, but was too frazzled with everything else.

I'm tired of being in pain, I also have the mirena that was supposed to help, but actually it's not, and if they remove it I know I will be much worse. But I am still young and have a busy life, I'm ready for a steady relief.


Title: I feel the same about this disease

Name: Kirsty


I fully understand why you feel the need to have a hysterectomy to try and stop this disease, but I have read the stories on this site from other women, and many of them are seeing a return of this disease after a hysterectomy. For some of them it has come back within only a few months, so I know this is not the answer.

I too have suffered for many years, tried many different hormone drugs for treatment and most of them make me feel worse.

I will give the endo diet a try because I cannot take much more of this. I think anything is worth a try as there seems to be quite a few sufferers who are having success with the diet. I just hope it works for me because I am so miserable with these symptoms everyday.

I hope you find some relief and I am pleased to read that you were able to have children despite having endometriosis, it gives me hope. All the best, K.

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