Endometriosis story

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Second naturally conceived child after being told it would be difficult

by Justine

I was diagnosed with endometriosis and fibroids at age 26, but suspect I had it from my early teens, as the symptoms were always the same. So, after already struggling to fall pregnant for a year, went off to the gynaecologist and that's when I got my diagnosis.

The following year, I had an initial surgery which wound up removing stage 4 endometriosis, but not the fibroid. I was put on zoladex (never wish that on anyone) for 3 months before going back in for them to attempt to remove it again. I had another surgery 3 months after that to remove scar tissue.

I had a chemical pregnancy the following month, and then no more for a few months, so got a referral to an ivf clinic. 2nd visit to the clinic, I had a positive pregnancy test! never needed ivf, and my daughter is now 3 years old.

Anyway, when my daughter was 8 months old, I had another chemical pregnancy. We didn't try for a while after that, but right after I stopped breastfeeding her, within 3 months I noticed fibroid and endometriosis symptoms returning. I went straight to the doctor and got a referral, but then the gyno dismissed it as normal periods.

I disagreed, and got a referral to another gyno. She was umming and ahhing about whether to do more surgery, but eventually had the surgery done and she discovered 2 more fibroids, and again, stage 4 endometriosis. That was in November of that year.

The following June I fell pregnant again, and miscarried at 8 or so weeks. After not falling pregnant still before January, I began to read the Endo-resolved books and started my journey on the endometriosis diet shortly after New Years.

In January, I had no spotting or mid-cycle cramps, and my period wasn't painful at all. Well, it's not even the end of February, and I am pregnant and there is no sign of any spotting or anything that would indicate anything wrong either (all my chemicals had spotting), and the line on the test is darkening fast over several days and several tests.

I am going to say the endometriosis diet is what changed my body to make it ready for pregnancy - 2nd cycle after beginning the diet very strictly:) I'm so happy, and the timing is just perfect as the baby will be born around my daughter's fourth birthday, meaning I'll be on maternity leave for when she starts preschool:) I'll be sticking to it throughout the pregnancy too, to remain healthy and keep my body in balance:)

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