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Right pelvic pinching symptom

by Julie Harrison
(Sussex, UK.)

My symptoms of endometriosis appeared to start many years ago after an ectopic. I was told for many years I had IBS because of bowel, bladder and pelvic/stomach problems.

I underwent various surgeries and had one fallopian tube removed. It was then it was discovered the tube was diseased and kinked and endometriosis was found.

I had about a 3 line letter from hospital informing me of this, little did I know the implications and years of pain and multi symptoms, operations and mental anquish would proceed this!

I continued to have ongoing pain in my pelvis and alternating constipation, occasional diarrhoea and need to urinate often, bloating and pain and ended up after having blue dye through my remaining tube (blocked again) having the remaining tube surgically removed.

Pain still continued and a couple of years later and many GP appointments later, I was referred to Gyne again at a different hospital (by request) where I had ultra scan which showed up deposits of what they thought of endometriosis/adhesions.

A laparoscopy and hysteroscopy was performed which turned into a much more complicated operation as it turned out the endometriosis had stuck my fallopian tube stump to my ovary and to the bowel the other side and I had filmy adhesions extensively throughout my pelvis into my stomach.

Gyne removed as much as was safe to do so due to close proximity to bowel. It was an extremely painful operation and I was kept in for days more than I should have been. The pain relief was immense once I recovered from the operation, however it soon started to return.

Right pelvic pinching was intense when sitting and had to keep changing position. Pain woke me every single morning and still does as I am told the bowel and bladder fill at night and adhesions pull on other organs and could be nerve pain.

I have low back pain and have to visit the bathroom several times during the night to attempt to relieve the pressure in my pelvis, bladder, and bowel. I wake stiff and achey all over and often lie in bed trying to pull my knees up to my chest to try and stretch out the adhesions and twist and contort my body to try and escape the knarling pain.

I am largely fatigued all the time and feel heavy and ploddy and have lost interest in my appearance, which was not like the old me at all. I have no interest in a relationship. My life is fairly solitary as I try and cope with this horrible condition/s!

I get depressed and anxious and continually worry how I will cope for the rest of my life and often feel others think I am laying it on thick because they cannot see anything from the outside apart from my stiffness and constant complaints about how it is affecting my life!

Other symptoms embarrassingly are constant flatulence and problematic piles internally and externally. A recent CT scan showed surprisingly I also had Diverticulitis Disease and a Hiatus Hernia to boot!

Gyne said I also had a prolapse. So with endometriosis, adhesions, diverticulitis disease, hiatus hernia and prolapse and maybe IBS along with chronic anxiety, sometimes bouts of depression; life is no bowl of roses for me.

I have been offered a Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy (full hysterectomy) but at 53 and now menopausal I am waiting a few months to see if dropping oestrogen levels help diminish any endometriosis. Some GP's say have the op, others say 'it is a big op and can make adhesions worse' so scared stuff to rush into such a big operation only to find it makes things worse!

Low back and pinching dog me daily and bowel problems, I live on painkillers Co Drydamol and recently Tramadol and have to take various stool softeners as the Codeine makes me more constipated. I take sleep pills every night and Colpermin, Fybogel Merb, Lactalose, Senna and have pain after I eat maybe due to Diverticulitis Disease complicating things and adhesions.

All I can say is this is living hell, I do a walk daily, often this seems to help being upright but get very tired and often need to sit down or nip in the bush as I cannot hold a full bladder or bowel for very long, but being out in nature helps me spiritually.

The fact there is no cure for endometriosis, adhesions or diverticulitis disease makes life often unbearable. I apologise for being so negative but this is the reality of living with endo/adhesions along with other complications.


Name: Anonymous

Title: Hope this helps

I had endometriosis and i was all that you are, maybe not as advanced but what I have found is that diet has helped in a big way.

I got on to GNLD products, namely the formula four, it gives you the correct oils to make your body work. And then, guess what the symptoms went away. I know that sounds too easy, but literally I went from being bed bound and my life was not worth living any more, to a very healthy woman who finished a teaching degree and has a fab life now, do not give up hope.

Look at natural health please as you say they seem to have got to the end of being able to help you in medical the profession. I know that all that you are on is helping, but at the same time not healing you.

Take care, and I truly understand your desperation as I have been there, this was over ten years ago now by the way,,, xx

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