Relentless symptoms

by Emily
(Manassas, VA)


I am very new to the site and have posted my story but really would like some insight from other endometriosis sufferers.. outside of my family. I joined Hyster-Sisters but women there were very judgemental and not very friendly so here it goes..

I have stage II endometriosis and have had 5 surgeries for my endo and ovarian cysts and uterine nerve ablation. I had my last surgery 6/20/14 and am 6 months post op.

I was on Depo before surgery and only had two shots but had to stop because they induced daily, chronic migraines. I see a neurologist now and am on migraine preventatives and abortatives. My symptoms are:

-Constant,chronic, severe pelvic pain
-Chronic, lower back pain
-Chronic bleeding w/blood clots (feels like my period but it isn't)
-Chronic nausea
-Body Aches
-Twinges of pain/stabbing pains under old surgery incisions
-Painful intercourse
-Painful bowel movements
-Heavy vaginal bleeding after bowel movements
-Hot flashes

I haven't had a period before 6/20/14; my last surgery and I haven't had one since. At least not a normal one. My doctors, both actually, have said the bleeding is caused by Depo and will eventually stop but it has been 4 months and shows no signs of slowing or stopping.

My pain is only getting worse and they aren't taking me seriously. I don't want kids and honestly a sixth surgery doesn't scare me but if there is a sixth, I want it to be the last.

I want a hysterectomy or at least another excision to just stop the pain. I know hysterectomy doesn't "cure" endometriosis but my doctor said it could considering mine is mild-moderate.

I don't want anyone to reply with, "Don't get a hysterectomy! That won't cure you!" I know that but I am considering it or anything like that. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms only a few months after surgery because I feel like I am going mad.

Thank you for reading my post.

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