Endometriosis story

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Regrowth of endometriosis after hysterectomy

by Candy

In a way, you can say that endometriosis robbed me of the one thing that god blessed a woman with. The ability to have children. Thankfully in my case, I am blessed with the two best kids in the world, so it did kind of soften the blow.

Growing up with this disease was rough, especially since I thought I was just being whiny or the weak one. I actually just "toughed" things out the best I could in silence, until one night, when I woke up in the hospital fresh out of surgery.

Apparently, I had a cyst bust on my ovary, that caused some internal bleeding. But, after that point I knew I wasn't just the weak one who needed to suffer in silence. During that surgery I had quite a bit of endometriosis located and removed as well.

The next few years was a repeat of laparoscopies, and of course the arrival of my angels. When my daughter was 8 months old, the weight of the mass caused my uterus to prolapse, and they were forced to remove it. All was well until about 5 years ago when I started with some familiar symptoms in my abdominal wall. It almost felt like I was tearing inside every time I tried to stand up straight.

So, on Christmas Eve I go back into surgery to learn that not only do I have regrowth, but the scar tissue has started to fuse my intestines to my abdomen wall on the left side. So I guess I was tearing myself.

About 6 months after my surgery, I started having major pain in my groin and all down my left leg. There is major nerve damage confirmed by 3 different neurologists, but no obvious source that any of the bone doctors can find. I have been suffering with this for 4 years now, and every inch of me can't help but wonder if endometriosis has something to do with this too... Is that crazy??

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