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Reduce symptoms and eat less white flour

by R. C.

I too have endometriosis (16+ yrs) and the way I keep it at bay is to cut out any or most white flour/wheat products! I have noticed tremendous decrease in pain after going off of white flour at times.

It's in almost everything we eat and probably why we have such an increase in this problem for women. So please look at the ingredients on your foods.... gluten/white flour/wheat cut it out!

Or do like I do ... take fiber every day and allow yourself some white flour during the month/a little a day, but avoid all together around your menstrual.

I take Equate brand fiber from Walmart $4.00/bottle and take as recommended/or u can take 7 twice a day like I do....i take Nature Made 'Multi for Her' vitamin every day, an extra iron pill by Spring Valley 27 mg (so total iron is 47 mg w/the multi vit iron) and i take Spring Valley Vit E 400 i.u twice/day as extra vit E...all from Walmart...taking for years....helped regulate my menstrual cycle too!!!

Hope this helps someone;o)

Gods blessing to you!

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