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Rectal bleeding and abdominal pain symptoms

by Jen

I think I have endometriosis but cannot get a diagnosis from doctor.

For the last 3 years I have had sharp cramps in my lower abdomen, specifically in one spot. I have always had extremely painful periods (though the problem is not as severe after two children). I have always gotten extremely bloated every month, IBS symptoms (which I was diagnosed with 3 years ago)... BUT that last 1 1/2 years have been troublesome.

I have had rectal bleeding for a year and a half now, painful bowel movements, pain in my rectum, sharp stabbing sensations and dull aches in lower abdomen and vaginal pain. I went to my OB/GYN for these things and he put them down as IBS....

I told him these things always happen around my period and asked him if I maybe have a hormone imbalance ... (never even thought of Endometriosis) you would have thought this would have triggered something in his mind!?

Well now the last 3 months my rectal bleeding seems more severe. I can actually see a pool of blood in the toilet on some occasions. I mentioned this to my doc and he says colonoscopy ... ok I am 34 years old.... AND take into consideration these things get MUCH worse when I ovulate and menstruate....

Also a new thing has happened where I am getting extreme nausea and vomiting while I am menstrating. The first month I thought I ate something bad, 2nd month I thought was a coincidence and just last week it happened again. 3 months in a row... there is something wrong.

I have an appointment in 2 weeks, I hope he doesn't send me home with a colonoscopy and IBS diagnosis and not even consider the possiblity of Endometriosis ... Wish me luck!


Name: WhnItsLuv94

Title: Glad you kept fighting your doctor!

My sister has been having issues for years with her intestines. Multiple doctor visits and they just kept diagnosing her with IBS or spastic colon.

Turns out she had a Entrometrioma tumor the size of a softball on the outside of her uterus, in her ovaries, and it was attached to her colon.

It ruptured last Sunday causing extreme agony. The ER doctors had to open her up and remove the tumour, along with another smaller tumour. They removed her ovaries, and her appendix. They had to ressect the colon.

It has been years with no answers and she never knew she had endometriosis. 20 years ago a doctor put her on birth control to help with painful periods and told her that should stop the progression of endometriosis.

She never put the two together. We are just glad the mystery may be solved. Once she heals from this major surgery I hope she will be a new woman.

Good luck!

Name: Jen

Title: Reply

Ok, well I went to my appointment and my physician decided we are going to do a Laparoscopy and take a look around. He said there is no telling what he will see in there as every woman is different. If he sees adhesions he will remove them if possible.

As for the rectal bleeding, the blood is bright red so if I have an adhesion, it would be pretty far down around the rectum area. If he doesn't see an adhesion then I will be referred to GI to get a colonoscopy and investigate other reasons this may be happening. I thought maybe it was a fissure because I have had them in the past, but he doesn't feel one upon exam....?

So we will see what ever I find out, and if I don't have endometrial implants then I can move forward and look into other things!

Thanks for the support!!

Name: Dana

Title: It's your body listen to it

Ok, girl look. We have a serious problem here, you are telling me from this post that your doctor is basically NOT listening to you. So this is what you do.

You go in there, tell him once again, then say I will only do this colonoscopy crap if you do a ultrasound and a laparoscopy to see if I have endometriosis.

This is a common misdiagnosed disease. This is one of the most common things its mistaken for. Your doctors giving you stuff for IBS and you are WORSE. Its time to look for a different diagnosis or a different doctor.

Good luck girl, let me know how it goes. my email is pepper4703@gmail.com.

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