Endometriosis story

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Post menopausal endometriosis sufferer

by Theresa
(Southern California)

In late 2012, at age 47.5, I was declared post menopausal based on blood work. In early 2013, an intrauterine polyp had developed (and burst), and I bled profusely for 2 weeks. No doubt, retrograde bleeding resulted in some endometrial cells lodging in my pelvis.

I had a D&C to clear out the polyp, and we've since learned there is a statistically significant correlation between the D&C procedure and endometriosis development. All through 2013 and most of 2014, the pain got worse. Despite what web sites and others say there is NO blood test, imaging or anything else that can signal to the doc you have endometriosis.

I was disbelieved by my gyn group to a person, and a second opinion doc (internal specialist) said I needed a healer and that I had adhesions. Abdominal laparoscopy occurred in late 2014 confirmed endometriosis in my abdomen; and the female surgeon was dismissive in post-op stating "you only had 7 lesions".

Three weeks after laparoscopy the pain came roaring back and I lived with it. In fall 2015 I went back to the docs with a bad flare up and we scheduled a hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy (this occurred in 2016). I'm one month out from the surgery as of today and am cautiously optimistic.

I plan to demand aromatase inhibitors as the next step if the pain continues after a 3 month waiting period. Needless to say, I'm unhappy with my docs but they are in my health plan. I cannot believe I am the ONLY post menopausal patient of their with this condition. I keep suggesting they publish my case if it is so unique.

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