Possible Endometriosis?? Not sure

by Raynear
(Sapulpa, OK, U.S.)


I'm 23 years old and last year of 2016 in February I had this pain in my right pelvic area that was so bad I couldn't stand up straight, walking hurt, and a week and a half before my period actually started the pain got worse.

My cycle was so bad and I was on my period for two weeks I was seen by my doctor, he set me up for an ultrasound and I also had a pap done after he prescribed me medication to stop the bleeding and put me on naproxen which never helped.

The pain in my lower right pelvic area continued for 3 months, it had its times where it was constant and off and on. But each month since then my periods have been painful, heavy, passed large clots, pain before and after urinating, constipation/diarrhoea, diarrhoea while on my cycle, lower back pain on right side. Every time I sent my doctor it was the same ol same ol he ignored me is what I feel like.

January two weeks before my period, January 13th 2017 the pain was super bad again, pelvic pain and lower back pain was really bad. I went to my doctor that same day when he set up a vaginal ultrasound and I also went to the emergency room that night because the pain be became so unbearable.

I had a CT scan with dye, it was normal and once I had my ultrasound done results for it came back normal but still having the pelvic pain.

Finally I'm going to see a GYN on the 7th of February. I don't want pain pills or anything I want relief and for someone to actually listen.

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by: Anonymous

I'm actually in Oklahoma. Hopefully the GYN I am going to see can actually help this has been going on since last year and my doctor did not refer me to anyone or say hey, let's try something different.

It was like here's naparoxen all the time and these different medications and nothing was helping. I know he didn't really care cause it wouldn't have taken this long to see a specialist.

I had to say to him I don't want the medication send me to a GYN specialist and he was finally like okay. I'm just like what ever happened to good doctors, their job is to care for people and help other and they do the complete opposite all the time.

I'm really hoping I can get answers next week because I don't want to have to keep looking. But if it comes down to it I most definitely will. This pelvic pain and my periods are no joke anymore. I'm afraid to have my period because of the pain that's been coming with it and I've had a few ER visits along with it. And I don't even want to have to do that again because I went through hell.

There my pain was so bad I couldn't urinate and had to have a catheter done. My doctor and doctors at the ER are like wanting to repeat the same test every time and ultrasound or a vaginal ultrasound or a CT scan which have been showing nothing.

I get pain meds and I'm sent on my way. Ugh. So frustrating.... Because no one is listening and since I've heard about this disease I've been doing my research and a lot of the exact symptoms that come with Endometriosis are the same symptoms I've been having.

Don't give up
by: Anonymous

Sounds like it could be endometriosis. It will cause some of the worse pain a woman can feel!! I have it. Do not give up. You have to search until you find the one dr that can help you. That's what I did. I found 2 of them.. One is an oncologist gyn. I do not have cancer... but bc the endo is SO sever, my regular gyn dr would not touch it. My dr is Dr Kline at Oschner's in New Orleans Louisiana. I am not sure where you are... but he is great. I hope you find some help soon.

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