Endometriosis story

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People treat you like mad, as if you are pretending

by Sham

Because of endometriosis I would frequently blackout due to pain, I had non regular periods, and strong pain till the day I was waiting for every for hours to take pain killers to be pain free.

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in dec 2008 when i was on holiday. I returned to uk and showed the results to my gp who asked me not to worry and to go home and come back after 1 month if my pain is still unbearable. There was not a single minute that I was pain free and couldn't even sleep at all due to pain, yet my GP said nothing to worry about, come back after 1 month.

One night my pain was horrible again and decided to make my own way and went to the A & E, and there they started my treatment and did a surgery after 3 months, despite considered an emergency as my endo cysts were very painful, and I'm very slim so it was giving me horrible pain.

However when they did my surgery they notice that my bowel was all stuck up with endometriosis adhesions and my uterus and bowel were stuck together. They couldn't do anything about it and I was not given bowel preparation. Then they decided to attempt one more surgery to remove the most they could. But they made a mistake and my surgery was again done without bowel prep. So they again had to leave as much as they could.

Its sad that due to medical negligence I was made to suffer and my life is rubbish still. I am always in pain and when you mention, or go to see my doctor, its like you are wasting her time and obviously I'm the one to be blame as I'm always stressed.

I keep getting infections ,skin problems, pimples and I have a couple of enlarged nodes in my neck since a year. They keep increasing and getting bigger. However my GP says nothing to worry about. I get so such severe cramps and stomach ache. I am always suffering and I kind of know its a due to endometriosis as i have so much left in my pelvic areas.

I feel I have no-one as my husband used to be very caring at the start and now it has started to be things he hears everyday and doesn't really pay attention. Whenever I suffer all he would say 'do you want to go to the doctor', and obviously I will say no, so he is done with me. Who will want to go and see the doctors who tell you you are time wasters.

Day by day this is creating distances between my hubby and me in the sense that I wish he could understand me and just show some sincere care rather than just completing some formalities.
Even my parents seem to feel like I exaggerate.
I'm sick and tired and would I not have been afraid of gods punishment I would have happily taken my life away....


Title: I feel your pain

Name: Wendy

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in the early 90's. I've had numerous cysts removed. This was my second hysteroscopy where the doctor found my bowel and womb attached to each other. 5 months since the operation, I now have severe pain and symptoms and have been using heavy painkillers.

I was told that because of previous operations my recovery will take long and believe you me, this is long. The pain shoots from back to front and I sometimes feel like just giving in.

Sometimes we just have to bear the symptoms as I hate medication. I don't have kids, but this will not stop me from trying or adopting. My husband is very supportive. The only place not supporting me is my work and the environment I'm in - not helping at all.

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