Painful urination symptoms

by Stephanie
(Baltimore, MD)

Fatigue, painful bowel movements and urination are the worst symptoms of my endometriosis.

Urinating while I have my period is agonizing. I will purposefully avoid drinking a lot of liquids (which I know is terrible and unhealthy and can lead to other nasty things such as bladder infections) just so I do not have to urinate. It's terrible!

I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis. The doctor prescribed oxycodone and valium for "pain management," but there is no way I can work (I'm a PhD student writing my dissertation) while I'm high as a kite on drugs (or while I'm nauseous to the point that I have to hang my head over the toilet because of the medications).

Does anyone else have painful bowel movements and urination with endometriosis during your period? Any tips, suggestions? Does this ever get any better? I fee like I lose control of my life for about a week out of the month because of this. I cannot be on birth control or any hormone treatment really because I also have a problem with bad migraines and every form of bc I've been on seems to trigger them and drastically raise my blood pressure...


Name: Anonymous

Problem urination and bowel movements worst symptoms

I am 38 years old and was diagnosed at 19 with endometriosis. Painful urination, bowel movements and intercourse were my worst symptoms in the beginning. It felt that when I urinated, it was my bladder emptying that was causing the problems.

After I had surgery and adhesions were removed, this symptom went away. If I recall correctly, my bladder had adhered to other organs because of endometriosis. As far as the bowel movements, it was discovered during surgery that my "cul-de-sac" was completely obliterated.

Surgery also helped fix this symptom for me. The painful urination never returned, but the problem with bowel movements did. Subsequent surgery once again relieved the bowel symptom.

I would also experience pain (like a blunt knife up my rectum) when I sat down too fast/forcefully. It was awful but I no longer have that problem. I have had rectal bleeding during menstruation for the past 5 years.

Fortunately, I do not suffer the same symptoms any more. I have/had stage IV endometriosis, had left ovary removed in 07 (due to recurrent endometriomas), and have been pain free since '07 after my fourth lap surgery.

I went to Dr. Albee in Atlanta and he used the laser as a knife to cut out rather than to burn the endometrial implants. I swear this was the answer!

Name: Anonymous

I'm with you

I am 31 years old. I couldn't pee at all during my period (1st 2 days) I had to have a catheter!! It was horrible. I kept saying something is wrong and doctor told me to relax. Finally he did a laparoscopy to look and I had endometriosis wrapped around bladder and colon. I am better now but can feel it growing as the months pass. I suggest requesting a laparoscopy and it will give some relief, even a little is better than pills!

Name: Rachel

Light bulb moment!

This is a replica of my story with endometriosis! Constant pain when urinating, 3-5x daily of extreme abdominal cramps which causes bloating and either constipation/diarrhoea, and I'm generally fatigued and pissed off at only having half a life.

I've had two kids so would probably seriously consider a long term solution. I have my third operation this Wednesday coming and I'm very nervous, but reading that so many other women are going through the same things as me has helped xxx thanks for sharing your stories xxx

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Endo hell
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with endo in Jan 12 months ago
Peeing is awful feels like I'm going to faint ...or DIE!!!

It's helpful to read others stories
I think red meat and gluten and sugar need to be things of the past for us 😏😒coupled with exercise - I'm having an awful month this month 😫

Have eaten lots of gluten bread, biscuits, cake this month and red meat too - how could I have forgotten this pain - I'm claiming temporary insanity !!!! Lol

My best months were gluten and sugar free- still include some fruit herbal tinctures, vit c and d and e and cinnamon with lots of meditation.

My herbalist tells me next year I can try for a baby if I want so long as I do a clean diet gluten, sugar free and desires everyday yoga or meditation and take the tincture he makes me daily.
Positive vibes and
Lots of love ❤️

Painful endometriosis
by: Kimberly

I have endometriosis and when ever I want to urinate while having my period it's like I am in hell! Am scared of urinating because of the burning, it's one of the worst diseases someone could ever be diagnose with!

Going natural
by: Anonymous

I also get horrible bowel movements to the point where it would trigger my asthma. Every month I ended up in the bathroom, crying, and not breathing.

I am not big on conventional medicine so wanted to go naturally. Three days before my period I fast and three days after. I try to stay off of red meat as much as I can. And I take Evening Primrose, DIM, Sarsaparilla, Vitex.

It is a lot to take but it has been a drastic improvement in my symptoms! My cycles are fairly normal, and my pain and tiredness has drastically dropped. It has helped out a lot on the management of my endometriosis.

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