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On the depo shots but still in pain

by Charlotte

I'm in the process of being properly diagnosed with endometriosis. I'm 21 and have had all sorts of problems and many symptoms.

I started my periods at age 9 and a year after started with IBS which took over my life everyday. I'd have horric spasms and feel sick and dizzy and need the toilet, and my stomach would be tender and uncomfortable afterwards.

Then there were my periods which were excruciating at times but realy irregular and I couldn't stand up for more than 5 minutes without burning aches in my lower half from my lower abdomen to my knees.

When I was 16 I went on the pill and everything disappeared. My IBS, the painful periods etc., except I was getting blood clots a lot.

But the pill made me moody and nasty so I tried the injection which was great except I put on three stone! until now. It started last year with really bad aches in my lower abdomen making me pass out after I couldn't even wear pants because it hurt to have anything on my tummy.

Then it gradually got worse and now I'm in constant agony. I take tramadol which mostly helps but I have painful bowel moment. I can't have sex and I am so tired.

I'm waiting for a laparoscopy appointment but several doctors say it's endometriosis and my mum has it but I thought the depo stopped it? The doctors don't seem to be able to give me an answer so I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience.


Name: MLeslie

Title: Find out what it is

Sorry to hear about your experience. However you need to get a laparoscopy then it can put your mind at rest, and you can find out what it is.

I am 21 also, started my periods at age 9 also and they always lasted 7 days at least.

My problems started about 2 years ago, I would experience a stingy pain during sex, I was however on the pill this past 2 years on and off, but when I was not on my pill I began experiencing migraines, so went back on the pill.

I then had terribly lower back aches, painful urination, and stabbing pains in my right lower stomach. No infection was found, and I bled and a right lower stomach pain which suggested a cyst.

I have been back and forth to the doctor with terrible pelvic symptoms, which seem to ease and then get worse at times. I also experience swollen glands in my groin from time to time, and I have now been referred for a laparoscopy as well to see what is going on.

As I said previously, it is best to find out what it is so you can deal with it, and not sit here wondering what it is. Wish you all the best

Name: Anonymous

Title: suffering while on depo

I too, have endometriosis. I had the laparoscopy done over a year ago. I was on the depo for 6 years and went off of it ... which is when everything started!!!

About 6 months later I began having severe symptoms which were proved to be ovarian cysts. They later also diagnosed me with endometriosis! About a year ago they put me on the depo again to stop the endometriosis .... nope!

Still having severe cramps, sharp pains in my ovaries, and pelvic and back aches!! The dr. said oh, give it a full yr to work .... november will be a year!! Since my last depo a couple weeks ago, my cramps have actually gotten worse!

This is such a painful thing to go through and changes your everyday life!!! I suggest you get all the opinions you need ... I know I'm switching doctors asap to try and help myself! Good Luck to you:/

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