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Not diagnosed with endometriosis yet....

by Chloe
(England )

For the past year or so, I have experienced many symptoms that my GP tells me are normal, but they really don't seem to be, and I am only 14 year old.

I have had very heavy periods. I mean, not just the first day, I have no warning, it's heavy from start to finish.

I have has periods that last up to 15 days. On average they last about 11 days.

I feel so sick and tired most of the time. I get such bad cramps starting a day or so before my period, they last all the way through my period. They are so bad I am bedridden.

I have had 3 previous ovarian cysts but not sure what type. I have really bad pelvic pain and lower back pain. Also when on my period, I have diarrhoea and constipation.

My GP told me it's just part of being a woman, but I don't feel normal. My periods are so heavy I soak up an extra thick pad in around an hour. I never knew that was normal....

Anyway I went to the GP ans she told me I'm fine and it's part of growing up. To some extent, I know that's true, but I hate having these symptoms.

I spoke online with a gynaecologist on a health forum and she said she thinks I have endometriosis. She says I need to be referred to a specialist and get some tests. However, I asked my GP to refer me to someone and she said it is a bit weird sending a young girl to a gynaecologist, so they wouldn't want to see me anyway. I'm so stuck and have no idea what to do....


Name: Anonymous

Title: See a gynaecologist

I would go see a gyn and you don't need a referral for that. My daughter was just diagnosed with endometriosis and they didn't do a pelvic exam but did an ultrasound and ct and blood work. Then they did the laparoscopy surgery to diagnose her and put her on a birth control pill that is supposed to help.

He didn't do a pelvic exam because she is so young and I'm sure that would be your case as well good luck.

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