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No period for 2 years

by Anonymous

I have always had horrible menstrual cycles, plus bleeding during sex, and in the middle of cycles too.

The first time I was pregnant, I lost my baby at 16wks but didn't find out until the 20wk appointment when I was supposed to find out the baby's sex.

A band was wrapped around the umbilical cord cutting off the circulation and nutritional supply to the baby. I did have a successful healthy pregnancy after.

But after being off and on birth control a few years ago I stopped having periods like I used to they got lighter and lighter till they were gone.

I haven't had one for over two years now. Doctors said it could have been due to losing a lot of weight quickly and/or recent stress. But is it going to come back?

And as I told the doctor too it seemed like it had stopped when I was taking the BC Pills the other things actually seemed to happen after my monthly cycle stopped.

Like you all have also mentioned how doctors don't listen, all the doctors that I have told about this, even my OBGYN who knows me from delivering my baby.

None of them really showed any concern about what I had told them. With everything I have been reading here though it sounds like endometriosis and who knows what else it's turned into without any attention? Idk any thoughts? Thank You 😊

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