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Need answers not diagnosed

by Nichole Jones

I do not know if I have endometriosis yet as I have not been diagnosed, but I am concerned with my symptoms.

I am 21 yrs old, 2 children, and I have the Mirena IUD. In Oct. 2011 I started having occasional pain by my left hip that I just ignored and justified it saying that it was a "normal cyst" or ovulation pain. Other then being tired since my daughter was born in Jan. I had no other issues and an excellent health history.

I had not had a period with my IUD for 5 months. Then in December I started bleeding. I immediately thought that my IUD was out of place and made an appt to have it checked. The doc performed a pelvic exam and ultrasound to check placement and for cysts since I told her about the hip pain.

Everything came back normal and IUD was in place. So, I continued to bleed for another week after already bleeding for one. Then I just forgot about it ... I figured if everything came back normal that I must be normal.

Then in January I started to experience a chronic pelvic pain that was all the way across, that radiated down my legs and into my back. I could still function but it was miserable. I went back to the doc again thinking maybe I had a bladder infection.

She tested my urine, performed another ultrasound, and put me on antibiotics to cover what MIGHT be a possible pelvic infection. Everything was normal again and the antibiotics did not help. So, two weeks later I started bleeding again and I went back. This time she performed a pelvic exam, did a wet mount, and blood work.

The pelvic exam concluded that my uterus as being swollen and the wet mount came back inconclusive, but everything else was normal. So we tried another round of antibiotics which again did not help.

I was supposed to go back in again if I still experienced pain but I wasn't able to because I lost my insurance for awhile. So, a month later (last week) I had a black out episode of which I don't remember much of.

I had been on my period but was not bleeding heavily. I had been sleeping, eating, and drinking. I felt fine before. It happened in a gas station and the woman thought I had a seizure.

Ever since I have had light-headedness, pressure, and a mild headache oh! and the pelvic problems are not gone either. I did go to the doctor for this who claims all my blood work and blood pressure is fine so she has ordered a CT scan of my brain which I am still waiting to have because it has to go through my insurance first.

I went ahead and made an appt with my OBGYN to have my IUD removed and to have a PAP. She insisted on not taking it out but to try another antibiotic and if it didnt work then she would take it out after my CT scan. She said it would not be good if I got pregnant not knowing what's going on with my brain.

I get the PAP results tomorrow. I'm so tired of not having answers and my GYN mentioned she thought that I might have endometreosis but couldn't diagnosis it with out a laparoscopy. So, I think that is our next step if the antibiotics and IUD removal dont work.

I dont have as severe symptoms as many other stories I've heard but I think that my IUD has controlled it and that's possibly why? If anyone has a similar story or idea please help!!! I am so confused, stressed, and worried.

My e-mail is lizzy126@hotmail.com

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