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My symptoms significantly improved drinking 4 cups of tea a day

by Brenda

I began to have bowel problems after delivery of my child at the age of 42. I had always been on birth control prior, but after the babies birth I was not able to take birth control. For 2.5 years after the birth I steadily began to experience what looked like severe IBS, of which I had never had before.

The symptoms began to progress to severe back pain, pain down the left leg, severe constipation, and severe pain in the groin area to the point that I could barely take a step. The nausea, headaches, and severe fatigue were another component.

Needless to say I went to every specialist as I really was unable to function. Finally, after 1 year of severe disability I figured out that it wasn't my back or the bowels that was causing all this trouble, but was related to the menstrual cycle. Though my bowels seemed messed up all month, the real severe disability came between the 1-14 of my cycle, then it would get better for a couple weeks then start all over.

My gastrointestinal dr. had mentioned that this could be endometriosis of which I knew nothing about. By luck I had gone on vacation and switched from drinking coffee to black tea. During my vacation I should have had difficulty walking, but I didn't. The symptoms were better.

However, when I got home I immediately went back to drinking coffee and within 5 days, I had the debilitating experience. I racked my brain to think what could have made it better on Vacation. It was the tea, so in the one day I drank 6 cups of black tea and by the next morning the symptoms were gone.

I later learned that tea could reverse endometriosis and that green tea may be the best as it has more of the agent to stop the growths and can make them shrink. Since I have been back on my tea I try for 4 cups of green tea/day I am at least 50-75% better.

For the past 3 months I have been able to walk all month long, my nausea is almost gone completely, and the headaches are between 1-4/month vs 14 days per month.

The other option was letrazole of which I do not want to go into menopause yet. It feels like a miracle cure for me with the green tea, but I must say that black tea worked just as well.

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