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My endometriosis hysterectomy experience

by Diana Godschild
(NewYork )


Let me first say that writing my personal experiences has always been very therapeutic for me. As it seems to assist in the healing process its beneficial.

I am now 51 I had a hysterectomy in my early 30s.
I repeatedly visited the doctor, and although I had all the symptoms of Endometriosis it took over 3 years of being tested, before the test results confirmed that I had the disease. This was very frustrating because I suffered without any pain relief because the doctor couldn't prescribe the pain meds required, as he couldn't justify the meds if he didn't have a positive test result.

When the test finally confirmed that I had Endometriosis my Doctor was very apologetic. Thinking and desperate I requested the hysterectomy because the pain and symptoms where unbearable. The Doctor refused to give me the surgery because of my age, at age 32 I was about to be a grandmother, there was no way I was having children with my children.

In addition, I had attempted to get pregnant a few years before which didn't happen the pain was inhumane, so I was comfortable and accepted that I wouldn't have anymore children. I just wanted the severe pain to stop.

After the initial Doctor refused to give me the surgery I followed up with another Gynaecologist who was willing.

So I had the hysterectomy when my grandson who I was raising was 8 months old. I remember his age because the doctor told me I would be unable to care for him, but I felt fine. Because I picked him up immediately after leaving the hospital.

The hot flashes began the day after surgery. I was prescribed hormone supplements, but stopped taking them due to information that stated hormone replacement could lead to cancer. So I stopped taking it. I learned what made the hot flashes worse and stopped consuming those items. ( Chocolate, Pepsi, pork and a few other foods.) At one point after 10 years had passed the symptoms returned.

One thing that helped decrease the pain is IRON pills, prescription. I noticed the pain decreased if not disappeared while I took the iron pills. I also notified that the chocolate and the carbohydrates cravings ceased. Its very disappointing to think that an iron deficiency caused the severe life altering experience, it's even more disheartening to realize how much Doctors really don't know. But patients are lead to believe that they do know.

I am thankful for their knowledge, for my life has been spared because of a Doctor's knowledge and education. But in the same breathe many don't use common sense with their knowledge. If it's not in a book or documented it doesn't exist.

After researching the effects of iron deficiency I learned that many symptoms are a result of deficiency in the body. It is intended for food to be our medicine, but because the body is receiving very little nutrition from food the body is left to survive without its natural healing abilities. Medicine is supposed to be our food. Unfortunately this isn't occurring because food isn't natural anymore.

I would like to close with please do your own research, beyond what you are told.

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