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My Doctor Seems To Be Losing Hope

by Gina

Three doctors before being diagnosed with endometriosis

I'm 28, I had my first period at the age of 11. By 13 I had my first pelvic exam due to intense cramps and heavy bleeding from my cycle. I was told birth control was the answer. They were wrong.

I was 23 before my third GYN diagnosed me with endometriosis, had my first surgery shortly before my 24th birthday. He said I had a mild to moderate case of endometriosis and cyst over my right ovary.

My left fallopian tube was also blocked. He showed me the picture of the black lesions spread out over my uterus and ovaries. After the surgery, I was pain free for 6 months. Paying out of pocket and my relief only last 6 months. I was devastated.

My doctor assured me that being so soon after the surgery I would still be able to conceive, again the doctors were wrong. At 26 my boyfriend and I started trying for our little family as hard as we possibly could, seeing my doctor frequently.

At a year of trying, my doctor decided it was time for fertility drugs then decided that I needed another surgery before we went "that route".

Here I am, 28. I had my second surgery 3 weeks ago. My endometriosis progressed so much in that 4 year time period. My ovaries were attached to my pelvic wall and are still partial attached to my uterus. My doctor has informed me that my uterus is currently too hostile for me to conceive. And again, no pain relief.

In fact, the pain over my right ovary has increased since my surgery and I am now having to take something for it. Before, breathing or focusing seemed to help. I was never, nor am I now a fan of pain medications.

My doctor has decided that putting my body into temporary menopause is the answer followed by heavy fertility drugs after the 3 month course of Lupron injections. He has also informed me that if I decide against this I'm looking at a full hysterectomy if I opt for another surgery.

This was not what I wanted to hear!! Especially since I still don't have any kids. I've decided to go for a second opinion hoping to hear better news or better ideas.

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