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My diagnosis took 7 years lead to secondary infertility

by Pam

I experienced very painful periods since I was 13 (started my cycle at 11yrs old). Doctors over the years tried different oral birth control pills to help regulate and alleviate some of my discomfort & lessen the flow.

Motrin was prescribed regularly including while I was in the Navy. After 2 babies, I experienced daytime hot flashes as early as 30 years old. I had problems with bowel movements (always constipated) but BM's became painful during my cycle. Looking back, I realize I've always had these GI symptoms, including reflux.

I started asking my doctor about my hot flashes when I was 30. He ran some hormone levels tests and also referred me to an OB/GYN. My hormone levels were fine but my pain was very real. After relaying my problematic BM's to my GYN, she suggested a colonoscopy.

My Primary doctor did not agree, so it never happened because I didn't get a referral. I now know I should have pushed the issue. Six & half years later, after my husband & I had tried and given up on having a 3rd child, after my pain had ramped up to completely intolerable and my cycle was once again very, very heavy-coming every 2-5 weeks... I opted for a complete hysterectomy.

My nerves were frazzled from all the physical & mental pain that comes from bad cycles, hopes lost from a miscarriage & a diagnosis of secondary infertility. My complete hysterectomy (TVH-BSO) confirmed that "proliferative endometriosis" & uterine myoma likely caused my secondary infertility.


Name: Cheryl

Title: Sorry to hear you were not taken seriously

I am so sorry to hear that you were not taken seriously with your symptoms and not given a proper diagnosis.

There are so many of us endo girls having to put up with negative attitudes to our symptoms.

It took me over 2 years to get diagnosed and I thought I was loosing the plot at the time. None of my friends were suffering with their periods like I was and I could not understand why I had so much pain, and every single month would be the same.

I had to change doctors to be taken more seriously and she suspected endometriosis. After my first laparoscopy I finally had confirmation that I was not going round the twist and it was confirmed I endometriosis.

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