My diagnosis took 11 years

by Kymberly Fergusson (nifwlseirff)

From the moment I started menstruating, I had debilitating pain. A wide range of doctors (and my family), kept telling me it was 'normal' and to 'put up with it'.

I was placed on birth control to try to reduce some of the heavy bleeding and pain, and cycled through about 20 different pills before my first diagnosis.

Even when I bled constantly for 2 years, bleeding through all the pills and the 3-month injections, endometriosis was not considered.

Finally, after visiting 5 gynocologists, one suggested testing for endo. It didn't appear on an MRI or ultrasounds, so referred for a laparoscopy, which showed endometriosis.

Unfortunately, this look-see lap was performed by a junior surgeon, who referred me to a specialist to remove the endo.

In my second laparoscopy, the specialist decided it was too risky to operate - if there was a level above the worst level 4, I had it. Smeared endometriosis and cysts covered all the surfaces in my abdomen.

Three months of Zolodex to shrink the blood flow, then a 3rd operation within 6 months, finally removed most of the endo growths.

The pain pattern changed but it was still there, and I was told by this endometriosis specialist surgeon, that 'it was all in my head', and imagined.

Horrified at her opinion, I decided to go private, with the best surgeon I could find in Melbourne, who found more endometriosis, more adhesions, and severe adenomyosis in my 4th operation.

The adenomyosis was caused by ignoring the severe endometriosis for so long. I was only 24 years old!

My plea to women, mothers and doctors everywhere - don't ignore period pain - it can destroy lives.

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