Endometriosis story

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My diagnosis of endometriosis took 7 years.

by Jessica
(Fort Worth, TX, USA)

I had painful, heavy, irregular menstrual cycles starting at age 12. So my doctor suggested I get on birth control. I stayed on birth control until 2004.

In 2005 the trouble began and I went to the ER with debilitating pain during my menstrual cycle. I made due taking them periodically (He-he) until 2006 when I started having upper right quadrant pain. So it was back to the ER. I saw 3 different Doctors and had a test on my gallbladder and an endoscopy (inserted into my mouth to inspect my stomach and duodenum). They found nothing.

So I made due on over the counter pain meds and hot bathes. I was a pre-vet student with a 4.0 GPA at the time and had to start missing class because of my pain. (I am now a vet tech and have my B.S. in Biology). I also began trying to conceive in 2006, unaware at the time that it was the best decision I ever made. I had always planned to have children.

In 2007 I became pregnant and delivered my beautiful daughter Lily in July of 2008. I was 25 years old. The delivery turned into an emergency c-section. 5 days later I had a cellulitis infection in my wound and an infected uterus. Doctors had to remove my uterus but left my ovaries.

I was also left with an awful two inch scar as my wound had to be left open to heal. I was back in the ER with pain twice within two weeks. After CT scans showed nothing I learned how to live with my pain which got worse over the next few years.

In October 2011 I found a mass in my pelvis by palpation. As I mentioned earlier, I am a vet tech, so I am familiar with feeling masses: from lipomas to sarcomas. I could tell the mass was hard and knew it was bad news. So I went to the ER where they did ultrasounds and told me I had masses that looked like endometriosis.

Fast forward through a bunch of tests and I had an open laparotamy Wendsday May 23. Doctors removed two masses (10 cm each)and both of my ovaries. They removed extensive adhesions as well stating that "everything was stuck together" describing how even my stomach was attached to my bowel.

I am recovering well from surgery and (now that I'm officially diagnosed) was just looking up info about endometriosis. I like this website and I will try to come back in the years and report how things turn out.

My doctors haven't said anything about what stage, but obviously its stage 4. I just hope it doesn't come back.

My heart goes out to those of you without children due to this disease. I am so greatful for Lily, and I thank God for my now almost 4 year old miracle.

Not being able to have more children has been a gift in that I never take my daughter for granted and appreciate every single moment of every day :)!!! She is my inspiration!


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