Endometriosis story

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My diagnosis - laparoscopy soon

by Rachel Fleming
(Oxford, AL USA)

I have been having just awful abdominal pains for the past few years...I have been diagnosed with Poly-cystic ovary syndrome for about 5 years now.

They told me that I would never get pregnant without fertility treatments...But somehow I now have my son Anderson... But okay...

Before I had my son, I had a scare that I might have cervical cancer because I had moderate/severe dysplasia or precancerous cells on my cervix. They haven't given my the results of my last pap smear (just done a couple of weeks ago).

I have been having test after test done - gall-bladder out, multiple MRI's, multiple CT scans, Ultrasounds, EGDs, Colonoscopies. All of these come back all right.

So now I am finally going to have a Laparoscopic Surgery done on November 21st to find out if this is Endometriosis, or what is causing this severe stomach pain. I will try to get back here to post what is found!!!

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