Endometriosis story

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Multiple operations for endometriosis

by Anonymouse

I have had endometriosis since the age of 16. I was told I will never have children. By the Grace of God I have a beautiful little girl whom is now 5.

They told me after I had a baby I should not have it again. My daughter was three months old and I was back in hospital for the endometriosis again.

I ended up seeing a specialist in PTA and he said if they cut it out he said it wouldn't come back within 5 years, and if it does only a 2% chance.

He did the operation, it was on my bladder, kidneys, liver, vagina, vagina wall. I was relieved that it was gone, however nine months later it was back worst and with a vengeance.

The Specialist refused to see me when I ended up in hospital with severe symptoms. He just told my gynaecologist its impossibly for it to be back.

My gynaecologist did a laparoscopy and it was back worst than before. Even after proof that it was back the doctor still refused to see me.

I went on many different drug treatments to conceive again but without success. I have had 35 laparoscopies, colonoscopy 3 times and various gastrointestinal examinations due to this disease.

Eventually I had a hysterectomy at the age of 30 as the endometriosis was now on my intestines and my stomach/bowels could not work properly. I was lucky if I went twice a month.

I have a healthy life style and very fit, go to the gym and play netball. Its now 7 months later after the hysterectomy (still have my ovaries).

I am going into hospital in two weeks time as the endometriosis is back. I am heart-broken and devastated and my tears are uncontrollable at this stage.

I was certain that a hysterectomy was the cure for a better life and to be symptom free. I am at a loss and Pray by a miracle that it will go away.

But now I am desperately looking for way out and a better way of living pain and symptom free.

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