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MRI scheduled symptoms are baffling

by Lisa Anderson
(Vernon Hills, IL, USA)

I have deep penetration of endometriosis and have very strange symptoms.

My pain is very specific and very intense. It's getting progressively worse very quickly. It is in my vagina and down the lower part of my right leg (in addition to the regular cramping and back pain.)

During menstruation and ovulation, it's almost cripling. My OB/GYN has already removed some endometriosis from the back of my uterus during a laprascopy to remove two dermoid cysts.

She suspects that there's more endometriosis and that it's deep. Hopefully the MRI will show it.

In the meantime, I'm doing the best I can to cope with the symptoms. I'm starting to learn more about the endometriosis diet. Can anyone share whether or not that has worked for them?


Name: Jennifer

Title: I have the same problems!!

I am sorry that you are going through all that agony!! I just wanted to let you know that I too am having the same symptoms - minus the menstruation!! I had a complete hysterectomy and the pain is returning once again!!

It is on the right side of my vagina as well as in my vagina; it radiates down my right leg. I thought that by having everything taken out my Endometriosis would be gone.

My GYN thinks that my symptoms are NOT Endometriosis related and has told me there is no more he can do for me.

He told me to return to my primary care provider and have them deal with my problems. The only problem is my doctors office and the whole city is not taking any more pain management patients. And because he thinks it has nothing to do with Endometriosis my primary says she can't treat me until they find what is causing the problem.

I have been off pain meds for 2 weeks and nothing else helps. I am so depressed now because no one believes me on how much agony I am in and that I think the endometriosis has come back!!

I wish I could afford to go to an Endometriosis specialist!! I hope they can figure out where your pain is coming from and treat you!! I hope you feel better soon!!

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