Endometriosis story

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Main symptoms are pain and nausea

by Gale

I was just diagnosed with endometriosis. I have MS and was wondering if anyone in this group has any other disease besides the endometriosis.

I think I've had this for maybe 2 yrs already because I haven't felt good for that long now.

The pressure is bad and now the pain in my abdomen plus the nausea which seems to get worse with stress is worse.

I never had the nausea until the biopsy was done and she couldn't get enough or what she wanted to get during that, because I was in so much pain especially on the right side of my abdomen.

I never heard of this disease until she told me that my uterine wall was thicker than normal and now I have to face this along with battling the MS on a daily basis.

If anyone here has MS I was wondering how it's affecting their MS also. I'm 56 yrs old and at this time in my life after fighting so much to even stay alive (was dead over and hour but thanks to nurses am alive to write this) am wondering if anyone here is now endometriosis free, and how they got this way.

I have talked to people who are after a hysterectomy, talked to one person who had it burned out and she's fine so far, but then there is the other side of the coin, where they are not ok they still have it.

It's a horrible disease and I want my life back or what I had of it. Please if there is anyone out there who has the complications that I have let me know because with MS it can start relapsing from just about anything and it can intensify the pain, etc.

One thing I'd also like to know is if anyone has lost a lot of weight because of the endometriosis. I have lost so much weight went from 207 to 133 (last weight taken about a month ago).

I'm wondering what treatments are helpful, etc. Thanks for reading this and have the best day you can.


Name: Becca

Title: Autoimmune Disease as well

I was interested in you post because I have an autoimmune disease call anti-phospholipid syndrome and they now suspect that I have endometriosis as well. I have not undergone the exploratory surgery yet, but I definitely am concerned.

I was getting to a place where I was managing the APS and now I am back to having exaserbations regularly. I have constant dull pelvic pain, pressure in my lower abdomen, lower back pain, and bladder issues.

I am a teacher and it is taking a toll on me. I also have more of my neurological symptoms as well lately. It is very frustrating because not many doctors put the autoimmune piece together with this disease.

I hope to find out if it is definitely endometriosis in the next few weeks. The only thing that seems to help me is to control my stress and anxiety along with diet. Not an easy task.

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