Lower back and rectum pain during menstruation

by Alex

I've been having pain during menstruation for years and I have really irregular periods. I was sometimes getting my period every 2 weeks, then I wouldn't get it again for 3 months. I always get spotting between periods, and can never predict when I'm going to get my period.

My gynaecologist initially tried oestrogen tablets, which gave me a constant period for over a month with agonising stomach pain. I also got terrible pain symptoms in my lower back and what felt like my rectum. If I sat down then I would get awful stabbing pains through my rectum, and sometimes I wouldn't even be doing anything and I would just get agonising pain.

While on the oestrogen I also got pain symptoms in the right of my stomach area, around where the appendix is, for weeks. The absolute worst pain I'd ever felt in my life.

The next thing she tried was progesterone tablets, which did absolutely nothing. Afterwards she tried the implanon rod which caused me to have a constant period for 12 months straight until she took it out.

When I do get my period now, it still lasts for random periods of time, 3-12 days, and are generally heavy with lots of clotting.

I also get stabbing pains around the front of my hips/pelvis, lower back pain and severe pain in the rectum, both while defecating and then just whenever my body feels like it. I also get really gassy and have to defecate more than I normally do.

I'm mainly wondering if this is normal, or if this sounds like endometriosis. I'm really just over the pain.

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Jun 23, 2015
Just my troubles
by: Anonymous

I've dealt with this for about 13 years now. First symptoms was after having my 2nd child and having my tubes tied...I couldn't wrap my mind around what was going on and this went on for several years before I was actually diagnosed with it.....and tried everything the doctor and my ob/gyn came up with.....finally we decided to go ahead and do a partial hysterectomy and sadly to say its been over 6 years and I still suffer with endometriosis, having periods every month without a uterus....only other option is wait til menopause..

Dec 12, 2014
I thought I was crazy
by: Anonymous

I have had all the symptoms you ladies have mentioned. Horrible stabbing rectum pain while sitting, agonizing pain while defecating and while urinating. Bloating up to my upper stomach that makes me look 9 months pregnant. So much pressure in my lower stomach that sitting is pretty much impossible.

I thought I was crazy and my husband would look at me like I was weird, but now feel a bit of relief that I am not alone and these symptoms are for real.

I'm a breast cancer survivor for 5 years and so therefore I can't take birth control pills due to the hormones. My doctor has suggested Depo-Lupron for 6 months to see if my symptoms subside and if so, the only solution to my problem would be a complete hysterectomy including ovaries.

I am scared about it since I will have to deal with menopausal symptoms head on without any supplements for hot flashes, moodiness, decreased libido, etc.. This is so frustrating... worth to mention that I started feeling all this after my ablation (surgery to burn the inside tissue of the uterus due to heavy bleeding during periods and becoming anemic).

Jan 30, 2014
I am experiencing the same symptoms
by: Anonymous

I just had laparoscopy surgery on Dec 27th. They removed a cyst, partial ovary due to a tumour, and endometriosis. I had my first period and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced, till today.

I am having the same exact pains you have described, which I have felt for years but always thought it was due to constipation. I am thinking they must not have removed it all because of this pain.

My periods are always so very heavy and occurred exactly every 3 weeks. I plan to call my doctor when they open. Just wanted you to know, you're not alone in this.

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