Endometriosis story

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Just got diagnosed with endometriosis after 7 months

by Katie
(Akron,OH, USA)

Finally got a diagnosis for endometriosis.

I started having really bad lower stomach and pelvic pain in November. I could feel a lump on the left side of my stomach, right around my hip bone.

We went to the ER twice in December because I was in so much pain, but ultrasounds showed a small cyst on my right ovary and they referred me to see a gyno.

My doctor said she didn't think it was endometriosis but let's try other tests to see what is going on. She put me on birth control that completely stopped my period, hoping it would stop my pain.

I had an ultrasound with no avail of an answer. The pain got worse and I had to quit my job due to my medical issues. My doctor said that stress will make my condition worse but I didn't have a diagnosis.

I had a CAT scan. I was in so much pain that day but nothing showed up. I was so frustrated that there was still no answer. The only option was to the a laparoscopy. I had it a week ago today and was diagnosed and treated for endometriosis. I have a follow up in a week for a full description of the diagnosis and precaution and what not.

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