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Just diagnosed with endometriosis today..,

by Amber
(Tallahassee, FL, US)

I am 31 and I just had my first Laproscopy done today. I have always had a heavy cycle and used to get very sick (vomiting,chills) right before I started.

Eventually that went away as the years passed. I had a healthy normal prgnancy at the age of 19, and had a perfectly healthy child from it, which I am so thankful for.

I have never had any problems being regular or having abnormal cycles. I say this but apparently I didnt know that what I have been having all along is not "normal", with the heavy flow and severity of cramping.

Recently I began having pain in my pelvic area for the entire month. It feels as though I'm having the first day of my period every single day, with some being worse than others.

This led my Gyn to sending me for an ultrasound, which determined that I had a 10.4cm cystic mass on my left ovary and a 3.6cm on my right. When discussing what my options were, we decided on the Laparoscopy because my Gyn believed that I had Endometriosis.

Today was my procedure, the larger cyst had already grown an additional 2cm in just a month. My Gyn drained it for now and I'll go back for my follow up in 3 weeks to set another surgery date to remove all of the tissues/adhesions.

I feel like its been caught somewhat early, alhough I didn't get a chance to talk to my Gyn before leaving today, I don't really know how bad the adhesions are.

Apparently he told my mom that there seemed to be a lot of them. I have been in severe pain the last few weeks, often times waking me in the night crying because it has been so bad. I have been taking doses of 1500mg tylenol to cope.

I don't know much about Endometriosis, but I am trying to educate myself as much as possible, reading about others stories who also suffer. I feel like mine has been a walk in the park, although painful, but not nearly as bad as some of the stories I have come across here.

I guess I should be thankful for a Gyn that pays attention to his patient and not just dismiss me the way some Drs seem to have done for some of you.

I also was not aware that your diet makes it worse, I'll certianly have to do more research on that!

It is my hope that I can have one more successful pregnancy for my husband and I, then have a Hysterectomy. That seems to be the only thing to get rid of it. I have read that it could still come back, but then again, the menstrual pain will be relieved and hopefully that will help...?

Thank you all for sharing your stories, this site has really been an eye opener for me. Best wishes to you all!

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