Endometriosis story

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It's been about 14 years and now I think my worse enemy is back.

by Angie

When I was in my thirties I had an hysterectomy It was a stage 4. My Doctor could not get all of my cervix but she did get everything else.

For the first couple of years after I would spot bleed and have cramps still. My Doctor told me it will stop, well it finally did. But now I am 49 and I had blood work done. Just to make sure everything is okay. I also had a urine test but I was told there was blood in my urine, not sure what's going on yet.

I also am experiencing lower back pain a lot lately and I have been getting cramps sharp pains in the lower part of my stomach. I have to go and talk with my doctor about the second Urine test I took.

I sure hope the Endometriosis didn't come back! That was a hell of a trip. And very hard for the Doctors to diagnose. You could walk around with Endometriosis for years and don't even know it! unfortunately it took my gift away to have children. But at least I could stand up and walk instead of crawling or falling to my knees with unbelievable pain!

Now I have a tolerance of pain and that can be a problem because that will give Endometriosis a chance to sneak back without me knowing it. I will be going to both Doctors family and OBGYN to get check. If you have blood in your Urine you should do the same.

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