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Itchy wrists as a symptom

by Amber

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis about 4 years ago. It's near my urethra so they couldn't laser it out. I was told to either get pregnant or take these medications that would make me feel menopausal.

Well, infertility (and pain) is why I pushed for the laparoscopy. I don't take medication for the symptoms. I think the laparoscopy made me worse because right after I starting having big clots and went to the ER because I thought I had miscarried.

Boy, did I feel like an idiot. My gyn told me to come back if symptoms continued. A year later I came back and told her I was still bleeding so heavy (I've worn adult diapers). She didn't know why or what to do.

I got so weak. Last year, I decided to go to a natural doctor and found out that my Iron (Feritin) was almost non-existent. The natural doctor actually cared about me.

I got a new regular doctor (my old one didn't care) and he put me on high doses of Iron. I'm just above being anaemic now but I still bleed heavy. So I take Iron around my period.

I can tell my hormones are getting worse because now my wrists and boobs itch so bad I want to cry, about a week before my period. I get depressed and anger easily. It's just miserable.

I have very painful arthritis which I thought was because of a hereditary disease my Dad had. I found out that I don't have that disease. My research makes me think my hormones are actually causing the inflammation.

All of my many illnesses began after I gave birth to my one and only son. That's also when I got the endometriosis (undiagnosed at that time but pain evident).

I really believe this hormonal imbalance is causing arthritis, head aches, extreme fatigue, anaemia, strange itching and burning...ovulation pain etc. I also have painful bowel movements.

I'm 28 but ever since I was 21 I've been getting sicker each year. I think this disease has aged me. I'm about to try a natural progesterone cream and I pray it works.

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