It took 20 plus years for a diagnosis

by Anonymous

For years I suffered before I was diagnosed with endometriosis.

I had suffered with ovulation pain, infertility, painful sex, bowel troubles during my period, pain during menstruation along with other times.

I had a miscarriage from a possible tubal pregnancy and during that surgery, the doctor saw my tube and ovary were fused to my uterus.

Finally with my fourth laparoscopy, a very careful doctor found 10 spots of endometriosis along with scarring.

He spent 2 hours cutting the adhesions. I am so relieved to have a reason for many years of suffering.


Name: Angela

Title: Glad to hear you were finally diagnosed

I also had to wait for years before I was diagnosed. The various doctors I went to see just said it was normal to suffer pain with my periods.

I had dreadful sensations of inflammation and bloating in my abdomen for most of the month. I used to feel like I was carrying a lead weight around all the time.

My periods were extremely painful to the point I would pass out.

I had to insist on having some proper tests done to find out what was happening. Luckily I found a great gynaecologist and he suspected endometriosis - he scheduled a laparoscopy and it was found I had extensive endometriosis.

He removed as much as possible and I felt so much better. I still have the sensation of inflammation and bloating but have found that if I am careful with what I eat I can now control those symptoms - much to my relief.

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