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Interested in the diet connection for endometriosis

by Whitney

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my 20s. My symptoms were very heavy, painful period and very irregular cycle. I often bled in the middle of my cycle to the point that it was difficult to tell if my period was starting or if it was just “break through” bleeding.

Sometimes between break through bleeding and periods it seemed I bleed every other week continuously. I did have a laparoscopy in my 20s and they removed some endometrial tissue. They also found I had polycystic ovaries and with all the bleeding, I wasn’t very surprised.

Through the years as symptoms persisted I tried various versions of birth control pills with little or negative effects and after 35, I requested my husband (who also smoked) have a vasectomy so I could get off the pill (I was concerned also about the pill/second hand smoke/age issue). He complied.

At 47, I’m now coming into menopause and periods seemed found a new inconsistencies of occasionally being incredibly heavy for 2 days (maxi pad every 2 hours) and then easing up.

To the previous woman, I too have the clots, tissue, gushing, type thing that has gone on for years. It is somewhat gross and impressive at times. I have to channel my aggravation by joking that I’m often not on speaking terms with my girl parts.

I’m likely not in the severe pain that many writers are, so I both empathize with their condition and count myself somewhat blessed. I do have a consistent ache in my lower right abdominal quadrant that never really goes away.

At this point, I’m interested in the diet connection. I did go gluten free for a month about six months ago and I did feel very good. Granted the diet took effort and I did have intense cravings during week three.

With abdominal pain increasing, I think I will try another month gluten free and be more conscious of the impact on my cycle and pain. Anyone else out there had experience going gluten free?


Name: Anonymous

Title: Going gluten free

I would encourage you highly to go gluten and diary free. I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 6 years ago, even though I had symptoms for 28 years. Then I was diagnosed with having Celiac one year ago.

I came off of the gluten for a few months and then the holidays came. I decided to throw caution to the wind and eat what I wanted. The worst mistake of my life.

The endometriosis came back so severe I had to hold myself just to walk to the bathroom. Then I found this website and read about the gluten and diary link to endometriosis. I completely cut out gluten, diary, and red meat from my diet and I have had minimum pain.

As a matter of fact if I accidentally get gluten or cannot resist cheese I feel it almost immediately. The pangs of pain come back. But without these items in my diet I can literally have a normal life during my period. Something that I was never able to do. So go on it and try your best to stay on it.

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