Endometriosis story

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I was told symptoms were normal

by Jodi

Many symptoms and infertility - a common story

After 12 years of Doctors visits for intense pain symptoms and sickness with my periods, along with suffering with some IBS symptoms and being prone to infections, just to be told that it was normal.

Then to deal with infertility issues for the last 5 years just to be told your still young and you "look healthy" so just keep trying. I finally found a doctor that would help and have just been diagnoses with Endometriosis.

It's been a month since my Laparoscopy and they found a chocolate cyst on my left ovary which they drained, and lots of endometriosis around my ovarian fossa and cul de sac, which I believe they removed.

I just spoke with my referring doctor who gave me the diagnosis, and two weeks from now will be going for a consultation with my surgeon/gyno to find out my final diagnosis.

Still dealing with some symptoms but I am happy to know that finally getting help and can work on getting better :)


Title: Glad you have finally had a diagnosis

Name: Paula

I know the frustration of not being taken seriously with your symptoms and all the pain. It is really dreadful being told it is normal. I too had the same problem with my doctor - despite my symptoms being very severe. It took me 4 years to get a true and correct diagnosis.

Now I know what the problem is I can now take care of my own health and am doing all I can to reduce the impact of this disease, and I have changed my diet, and have been to see a naturopathic doctor, and I have really felt the benefit.

Don't let others control your treatment, you can do a lot to help yourself. Hang in there.

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