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I thought a hysterectomy was the answer

by Lisa

I had extensive widespread endometriosis which returned after my laparoscopy 9 months later, at this time I was nursing my mother with ovarian cancer.

I decided to have a total hysterectomy (ovaries removed) as they were stuck previously onto my bowel and was advised at the time this would cure my situation.

2 years later my consultant was sure my endometriosis had not returned as I had not been on hrt, he was very surprised to find lesions and my bowel and bladder attached to my stomach wall, endometriosis patches were back which I could not understand.

Since then i had another laparoscopy that was 2 years ago, now I am having pain again which I am treating with nutritional supplements and cutting wheat from my diet which helps.

At the time no one told me that endometriosis makes its own oestrogen, and if there is a tiny cell left behind it will grow and spread. Doctors are still in the dark ages where this disease is concerned.

The only person to help me is a nutritionist who runs the endometriosis clinic, and says through nutrition this disease can be controlled.

If anyone reading this is thinking of a hysterectomy, be warned it is not a cure and don't believe any doctor who tells you otherwise, especially if your endometriosis is severe. Try changing your diet and support your body. You will be surprised how it helps.


Name: Jessica

Title: I have a question about diet for endometriosis

Can you explain more about the change in your diet and support your body part? Should I be watching my weight? Should I be exercising? Please email me jessicav.76@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Name: Anonymous

Title: Hysterectomy in a few days and afraid

I'm planning to have a hysterectomy in a few days due to Endometriosis. I'm really scared, I'm just 27 years of age and don't know what to expect after the surgery. I just had a large cyst removed a few weeks ago and one removed last year around this time.

My doctor told me the cyst will continue to come back and I will have to continue getting them removed. Now after reading your story, not sure if I should go through with the surgery if endometriosis is going to return if any of it is left behind. When you say eat and support body what do you mean?

Please explain... Thanks In advance, LaVonya W.

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