I possibly have endometriosis and would really appreciate advice

by Jacque

I've always had extremely painful cramps, bloating, and fatigue with my periods. I never thought much of it even though in college I would honestly skip class for a week straight just because I couldn't make myself get out of bed. I've also always had long and heavy periods.

I thought occasional pain and bleeding during intercourse was possibly normal so I didn't pay any attention to it with my last boyfriend. It was never too severe so I just ignored it.

About half a year ago I started having casual sex with a friend and there is intense pain and blood almost every single time. It has just gotten worse over time. My periods have been lasting at least 8 days and I'm spotting a few days before my heavy flow starts. The cramps are pretty rough, and I have some pain now even when I'm not on my period.

The pain is always in the same spot when I'm having sex, when I'm cramping, and when I have a bowel movement. I've started having diarrhoea or constipation around my menstrual cycle. I'm actually on my period right now, (including the spotting) have been bleeding for 10 days, and I haven't really gone to the bathroom since before I started.

I'm so constipated I got super nauseous and had to throw up this morning. No matter how long its been since I've eaten I feel like I'm full all the way up to my throat. I've been really bloated and drinking water all the time isn't helping with that or the constipation.

The fatigue is terrible as well. I don't want to get out of bed and I'm super depressed and drained for no reason. This has been going on for months.

Does this sound like possible endometriosis? I can't find anything else that has so many of my symptoms. I honestly have almost every single symptom for endometriosis on every website I've been to. And it even explains away problems I've been having that I didn't realize could also be related to my lady problems.

I have a doctors appointment next week but I don't really want to ask about endometriosis because I don't have insurance and don't think I can afford more than one appointment. My friends are actually pooling money with me so I can go to this one appointment. I don't know what to do. It wouldn't kill me if I had to just suck it up and live with it right?

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Aug 26, 2014
Endometriosis Sufferer
by: Anonymous

Yes sounds like you have endometriosis. I have all those symptoms and more and I'm having my second laparoscopy in 3 weeks time to cut out the endo. You need to see a gynaecologist or an endometriosis specialist. A normal GP won't get things done. Hope you get things sorted soon:)

Mar 14, 2014
Problem solved
by: jacque

My friends helped me pay for an appointment and I do have endometriosis (as far as a doctor can tell without officially seeing it) I was prescribed a cheap birth control and hopefully it'll make things easier.

Feb 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

So if you do have endometriosis... One way of regulating it is to take birth control. If you don't have insurance, could you go to planned parenthood and get birth control? Pregnancy and birth control relieved my symptoms of endometriosis... In fact I didn't even know I had it till after my kids were born and my husband got snipped so I stopped taking birth control. It's worth a try!

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