I feel like giving up!

by Sierra Gentry
(Columbus Ohio)

So I am 23 years old and was told I had endometriosis when I was 18. So far no one has been able to help me. I've been to numerous doctors an none can help. I can't afford to have anything done about it, and for the life of me, I can't find help.

I have had excruciating cramps since the age of 8, however I did not start the bleeding until I was 14. Crazy right?! Every period is worse than the last and I go through a whole bottle of ibuprofen with every period... my cramps are so bad that I can't move, I can barley talk, I constantly throw up to the point that it bruises both sides of my face.

I use a heating pad throughout the whole week or so. I have burned my stomach from it and now have spots I can't feel. All I can do is cry and lay in bed. It got so bad as a child I couldn't go to school until it was over, and as an adult I miss a lot of work.

I have tried to have kids but can't. I can not eat unless the pain is gone....I take very hot baths until the pain calms down enough to move. Its always heavy. And after my period ends the cramps are gone but I will start bleeding again...sometimes for a month, then it will stop for a few days and I start my period all over again and have to do it again.

The normal amount of time for my period is approximately every 15-18 days. I hurt so bad I just want it all to end. The pain is too much and I feel like dying. I don't have any insurances at the moment, and when I did it wouldn't cover anything.

Doctors I have been to give me ibuprofen or a muscle relaxer, which never works...at this point I don't know where else to turn. Please please...I'm begging you all, help me find a way to deal with these cramps. I'm to the point where every period I just want to die and think about it bc the pain is so very bad.

I feel hopeless. If anyone has any information on dulling the pain please let me know...my email adress is gabrena101@hotmail.com
Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks so much.

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Jan 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi Sierra,
I know exactly the sort of pains that you are going thru & how frustrating it all is. Like you i also take masses of ibroprofen because they are brill, so much better than co-codamol etc. If you continue to take to take ibroprofen in that dosage you must protect your stomach from ulcers.

Medication for this is ozaprozole (a pump inhibitor). You can get this from any doctor. A painkiller an endo specialist would prescribe, again you can get this from any doctor is meptid painkillers. They are stronger than ibroprofen if you find that the ibroprofen are not working as well as they once were.

You can apply a castor oil pack to your tummy (warm) with a towel. U may find this helps. Look at this site for info on that. Exercise gently will help with cramping. Pilates is good, & light stretching, hula hooping... hope this is of help. Take care, Ruth

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