Endometriosis story

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Hysterectomy is not the answer

by Sue

This began in the late 1980's. After many very large chocolate cysts and the surgeries to remove them I was then given injections of Lupron.

After five months I couldn't take anymore and stopped short of the six month suggestion. In the years that followed I lost my appendix due to a sticky cyst during a surgery. That surgery took about eight hours.

There are adhesions all over my insides that have been removed numerous times and just keep growing back. I finally opted for the partial hysterectomy and a large dose of Premarin as I was only thirty years old.

The pain just never went away. I then had my gallbladder out thinking that was causing some of the pain. Nope- it got worse. Finally I had the rest of the hysterectomy done. That was six years ago.

The pain over the last six years has been unbearable. It is constant. I lost 47 pounds because I could not eat. I've had every GI test known to cause these symptoms. They are all negative. It.never once occurred to me that the endo could still be there.

Now it's occurring to me. What else could it be? But we all know that the only way to be sure is for them to scope. That's not happening. I don't take pain medication because addiction is ugly. So I'm learning to deal with the pain on a day to day basis. It's hard.

So I think when they tell you that hysterectomy will cure it- ask questions and do your own research. And high dose Premarin is not the answer. My doctor was just extremely skilled and I trusted him. I trusted him. I can't say that enough.

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