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hysterectomy has made endometriosis worse

by Jaime
(Ontario, canada)

Hi...I'm a 33 yr old mother of 3 1/2 yr old twins. I have huge health issues that NO Dr's here in my area are willing to help. I had endometriosis before I had my twins that cause severe pain, but after my kids were born my OBGYN talked me into a hysterectomy, but only did a Partial one.

3 days after my hysterectomy I was in severe pain and got rushed to local hospital, I was septic. I had developed a pelvic abscess and it ruptured - not once, not twice, but 4 pelvic abscess came, 3 of which ruptured.

My husband was told to say his goodbyes but I fought and breathe today, but I now have endometriosis that has spread to my bowels, bladder, liver and inside my stomach lining. I also developed a hernia which had to be repaired (with mesh) to fix it.

I suffer everyday from pain and it's contributing to my depression I have and I'm not able to enjoy my life. I missed my twins 1st Christmas cause I was in hospital. I also missed MANY more firsts - first step, first tooth and more. I'm heart broke that my little family suffers because Momma hurts.

I do go and do things with my family but I can't do everything I want. I just want to be a good mom and wife and I'm failing miserably because of the pain. Is there anything I can do to help???

I went for hypnosis and learned EFT tapping, I've changed my diet, I've lost a grand total of 389lbs in 4 years. (keep in mind I gained 107 when I was prego and lost it again) at my heaviest I was 425lbs. I am now 185lbs.

I have a lot of extra skin as well and diabetes and High Blood pressure among a few other health problems. Please - if there is anything I can do to help my pain or anything you or another Dr can do PLEASE I'm begging for help.

I've even thought of "running away" from my family so they can enjoy and not watch me suffer. I DON'T want to do that. I want to be better, I want to be healthy and I WILL do anything it takes to get there.. Please help my family enjoy life.. PAIN FREE MOMMA waiting...

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