Endometriosis story

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hysterectomy but kept ovaries...endo is back & was flared up 6 weeks after surgery!

by Greta

I had undiagnosed endometriosis until I was 40. Always had heavy periods,extreme pain,bloating chocolate cysts and unexplained fatigue that would knock me out!

After discovery of unusual growths in my reproductive areas I had laparoscopy surgery the surgeon found an enormous amount of scar tissue & endometriosis growths he removed. If I remember correctly my ovary was bound to my bladder by adhesions & scar tissue.

The surgery helped but the endometriosis returned full force within a year. I went back to the same surgeon/specialist & agreed to hysterectomy and was very firm about keeping my ovaries. I had done tons of research & knew a hysterectomy was probably not the cure as my endo is/was severe.

Its been 2-3 years since and for the last few months I wake up with pelvic pain & pressure with sharp stabbing pain elsewhere and I know its related. If I stand up or twist sometimes it feels like my insides are stuck together and were torn when I moved! It can drop me to my knees!

I'm becoming grouchy dealing with all this pain, being tired all the time & wondering what to do now..there are no good options!!!! I'm tired of complaining to my husband, family & friends about it. Work is hard.I have low sick leave & vacation balances due to all of this..feeling very frustrated & down about this.

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