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Hysterectomy because of endometriosis age 23

by Arlita Moles
(Hood River Oregon)

I was always having trouble since the beginning of my adolescence age 13 and the onset of my monthly period. As time progressed bleeding, severe headaches, vomiting, pain, heavy bleeding, abdominal lower back pain and irregularity in my cycles became worse, even buckling me over at the young age of 21. Through this time, though I had one miscarriage and three live births by the age of 21.

I went to a local physician who sent me onto Bend to a very good specialist in Gynaecology. He diagnosed me with endometrial issues and told me there was lesions surrounding my uterine walls. He also said at the time 1985, I needed to remove the uterus completely to avoid further pain and cancer. I was shocked perplexed and immediately because of my age requested a second opinion.

He obliged. The second Specialist Gynaecology also diagnosed me with Endometrial Lesions and also suggested removal of the uterus as soon as possible. Still not wanting to believe that I must lose my reproductive organs at such a young age I asked for a third Specialist in gynaecology.

This specialist diagnosed the same diagnosis. He then proceed to explain to me I was very lucky to have produced the three living healthy births, and should be very thankful I had them and also gave the dreaded suggestion of removing the uterus. He also suggested that it would be safer if my ovaries were left in tact. So in 1986 I went to Bend, Oregon and I underwent a partial Hysterectomy at the age of 23.

I returned home in Eastern Oregon after several days in St Charles. My mom was there for the first two days after my return. I was told to stay down for the first week, however was unable to after mom left because I had three children to tend to. Three days later I developed a high temperature 103. I was admitted to Blue Mt Hospital.

I had a secondary infection and was stabbed 29 times trying to get an IV into me. I lost it at this point and with a weak yet hostile voice told the CNA ...I was not her pincushion and asked for a real nurse. The nurse tried once in my arm then said to me I'm very sorry your veins are collapsed, due to the infection and had to insert the IV under my armpit.

I was very miserable, however the antibiotics where now flowing into my weakened body. After they got me under control and I was on the mend they sent me home with more antibiotics. I was healing up or so I thought.

The pain returned and each year it got worse, and by 1989, I was right back in with the doctors, same painful symptoms.

They suggested this time the ovaries come out, so without question I went into the best local surgeon for the procedure. This time I healed without any secondary infections and was prescribed Premarin for a hormone replacement. I took this for 2 years, discovered that animals were being used in a very non-humane fashion to produce this replacement, these animals where my favorite - Horses.

I at this point on my own, discontinued this replacement and for many years I went without it. In 1999 I was told by a Dr. I should not of done that and was prescribed Estradiol. I have been taking it ever since. I am now nearing age 54. I still take it. I also was diagnosed with severe osteo in 2010, this is ongoing and I have suffered through the years fractures wrist- arm-Elbow - and a hip in May 2015.

I still have a strange feeling something in my body is being over-looked. I have had very severe deep pain in my bones from head to toe which began in 2002 after MVA's and it got worse every year, until 2013 when it got so severe I could not preform my jobs anymore. My ability to stand was severely compromised, my ability to sit for long was compromised.

I have had days where this pain is so severe, my medications won't even touch it and falls are still unpredictable, and several times a year I experience them. I use a walker to avoid them as much as possible as well.

I recently seen a OBGYN in The Dalles and explained as much of this as I could including the strange white discharge I still experience and I have had all tests omitting any STD's on so many occasions.

I just wish back in the 80'd they would have had the knowledge they have now considering Endometrial Lesions, heavy irregular cycles and the severe pain that comes with it. I have not worked now for 4 years because of the pain I experience, due to the combination of both bone and spinal nerve conditions, including a pair of nerves exiting the cervical spine at C3 thru C-5 that are now compressed.

This is the story of my younger years until now. I still pressed on though working as long as my body would allow. Osteo has been consistently degenerating my body. My hips T- score was diagnosed at a -3.4 in 2014, suggesting I am at a very high risk for fractures and the rest the T-scores where also - 2.5 -2.1 -2.4.

This condition ties directly into the Endometrial diagnosis and Hysterectomies. I hope that you find this helpful in explanation of what really does take place with this kind of diagnosis at such an early age.

Sincerely Arleta M. Moles
Age 54

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