Endometriosis story

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Hysterectomy at age 28 after 11 yrs of surgeries

by Melissa
(Akron, Ohio)

I was diagnosed at 17 with endometriosis. After severe abdominal pain that would double me over and multiple ER trips to get my pain under control. I was put on medication to mock menopause which seemed to really keep the flare ups few and far between.

After 8 yrs, I decided I wanted a second child. Due to the many yrs of no period, I wound up having to take meds to induce a period only to find out I wasn't ovulating! So another med was added to induce ovulation. Finally after a year of doing this every month and trying desperately to become pregnant, we finally had a positive pregnancy test. I was already 9 weeks!!!

The meds altered the HCG levels making tests and even blood work show false negatives! Ultrasound was used to determine stage of pregnancy and due date due to my specific situation. We welcomed a healthy baby!

After 7 months post delivery I started having excruciating pain again, but also had my tubes tied immediately following delivery of our baby. I thought something was wrong from that. My OB/GYN did an immediate ultrasound and my left ovary was filled with blood and multiple cysts had developed. I had emergency surgery to remove the ovary and the pain went away...for about 6 months. The pain was back with no mercy. My doc ordered emergency surgery with possible full hysterectomy per my request.

Turns out that in just that short time, my endometriosis had gone out of control and filled my abdomen and coated my bladder wall! The hysterectomy was done and a special surgery to stretch my bladder wall was also done to help prevent spasms. I spent one night in hospital and went home.

At my 6wk post surgical check I cried thanking my doc for making it all go away. I couldn't remember what it felt like to not be in pain, and I felt amazing!!! I was put on estrogen despite my doctor's concerns and warning because the immediate menopause was making me feel like I was going crazy in the head. This is another common problem...it alters your thought process and can literally make you feel like you're going nuts.

The estrogen replacement fixed that thankfully!!! It's been 2 1/2 yrs now since my surgery and gradually I've started to notice more and more sensitivity in my abdomen, especially during intercourse. Looks like I may be calling my doc next week to determine what may be the cause and if it's anything to be concerned with. For me, despite my young age, I still have no regrets of having a full hysterectomy.

Each person is different so really sit and talk to your doc about what's best for you. Try different options first, but if it comes down to needing a hysterectomy, be absolutely sure that you are done bearing children because there's no turning back like if your tubes are tied. This is forever!!!

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